Making everyday objects special

Interview with Sebastian Bergne


This in depth interview with Sebastian Bergne is featured on the OTHR website.

” Sebastian Bergne aims to make us re-imagine what we might otherwise consider commonplace. For the past two decades, he’s managed to accomplish this feat with aplomb from a vibrant studio in Battersea, London.

Though Sebastian—once a student of the Royal College of Art—got his start producing objects for himself, one of his first projects out of school earned him early success (and landed a place at New York’s Museum of Modern Art). Buoyed by that achievement, he founded his studio shortly thereafter; since then, his work has soared. The designer’s portfolio is filled with everything from playful housewares to functional cookware, encompassing frying pans, corkscrews, kettles, tabletop items, lighting and more.” cont’…

Written by Sarah Rowland and photographs by Sebastian Boettcher

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