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OTHR launches Minimum


11th May saw the launch of new design brand OTHR at the New Museum, New York. OTHR is not simply another design brand, but one with a new approach to business and manufacturing. It harnesses the power of the internet and channels it through the very latest in additive manufacturing techniques to produce each object on demand, with the minimum of process and environmental impact.

This scenario presented the group of international designers with a new set of possibilities and limitations. A truly new creative challenge resulting in beautifully unique creations crafted by the latest in technology

Sebastian Bergne’s response to this challenge is Minimum. Freed from the limitations of draft angles and undercuts he has developed a micro engineering design language that uses the minimum amount of material. The first objects to be made available are a family of rigorously beautiful candleholders in a variety of metals and finishes.

photo by Byamt Studio

Last order deadlines for Christmas delivery are by 12 noon on 14/12 for the US  |  15/12 for the EU  |  19/12 for the UK