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Bouncy Bauble

Bouncy Bauble
  • Bouncy Bauble
    Bouncy Bauble
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    Bouncy Bauble decoration
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    Bouncy Bauble
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Rubber Christmas decoration

In stock

Bouncy Bauble is a Christmas decoration with a difference. Sebastian Bergne has repurposed children’s rubber bouncing balls to make a uniquely festive object.  These unbreakable spheres are a playful use of material that turns the idea of the fragile glass ornament on its head. The accidental colour mixes mean that no two decorations are the same. The Bouncy Bauble truly is one of a kind.

Colour selection of the bauble is random but will be similar to one of those shown here in the bowl. Diameter 4cm. Sold individually.

This Edition is designed and produced by Sebastian Bergne Ltd.

All products sold through this website have been designed by Sebastian Bergne. Some are manufactured by Sebastian Bergne Ltd. and are sold exclusively here as an Edition and some are manufactured by independent design manufacturers and are stocked here much like other retailers.

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