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Hanging Pegs

Hanging Pegs
  • 2 Ring Soap pegs
    2 Ring Soap pegs
  • rs_peg_w1
    2 Ring Soap pegs
  • rs_peg_w6
    2 Ring Soap peg packets
  • rs_peg_w2
    Ring Soap peg packet contents
  • Ring_Soap_W3
    Ring Soap Peg
  • Ring_Soap_W1
    Emerald Ring Soap and Peg


Two hanging pegs

These Ring Soap hanging pegs can be bought in pairs to be used with Ring Soap or to hang other small bathroom or kitchen items like brushes and wash cloths.

The solid aluminium hanging pegs are 25 x 35mm and sold in pairs. Made in England.

This Edition is designed and produced by Sebastian Bergne Ltd.

To fix the peg using the adhesive pad, first remove the yellow sticker backing and stick to the back of the peg. Identify a useful location with a smooth and hard surface. Clean, dry and remove any dust. Then degrease using the wipe provided. Remove backing film from pad and firmly push the peg into position. Leave the adhesive to dry for at least 24 hours before hanging your Ring Soap. The Peg’s sticky pad uses the latest moisture resistant adhesive from 3M.

Before attaching the peg using the screw, you will need to assemble the fine threaded end of the screw into the peg back. If fixing your peg to wood, we suggest drilling a pilot hole first using a 2mm drill. If attaching to other surfaces, drill a hole diameter 5mm and attach the peg using the rawl plug.

All products sold through this website have been designed by Sebastian Bergne. Some are manufactured by Sebastian Bergne Ltd. and are sold exclusively here as an Edition and some are manufactured by independent design manufacturers and are stocked here much like other retailers.

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