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Ring Soap and Peg

Ring Soap and Peg
  • Emerald Ring Soap and Peg
    Emerald Ring Soap and Peg
  • rs_w3
    Azurite Ring Soap & peg
  • rs_w4
    Rubelite Ring Soap & peg
  • Ring_Soap_W5
    Amber Ring Soap & Peg
  • Ring_Soap_W2
    Amber Ring Soap & Peg
  • Ring_Soap_W1
    Emerald Ring Soap and Peg
  • Ring_Soap_W3
    Ring Soap Peg
  • Ring_Soap_W29
    Ring Soap pack


Single Ring Soap with peg


Ring Soap hangs on its peg, always ready to use. It remains dry, is consumed more slowly and becomes a graphic element on the wall.

The rings are made of glycerine soap that is kind to the skin and recognised as having a moisturising effect. For more information about the benefits of glycerine soap follow this link.

The amber soap has a deep colour and gentle perfume with light vanilla and spice notes. Emerald on the other hand is natural with mild, fresh, crisp scents. Azurite is crystalline and refreshing whist Rubelite offers a calming floral option with hints of lavender.

The paper pack contains one 80g Ring Soap of your chosen variety and one solid aluminium hanging peg. The soap measure 75 x 20mm and the peg 25 x 35mm.They are made in England, are suitable for vegetarians, vegans and are not tested on animals.

To attach the aluminium peg, identify a useful location with a smooth and hard surface. Clean, dry and remove any grease or dust. Remove backing film and firmly push the peg into position. The Peg’s sticky pad uses the latest moisture resistant adhesive from 3M.

Ring Soap was originally designed in 1994 for German brand Authentics. The idea was born when Sebastian Bergne was asked to design a soap dish. On reflection redesigning the soap seemed like a better idea. Hanging it on a peg would keep the soap dry, eliminate the need for a soap dish and become a strong decorative element in the kitchen or bathroom.

This Edition is designed and produced by Sebastian Bergne Ltd.

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All products sold through this website have been designed by Sebastian Bergne. Some are manufactured by Sebastian Bergne Ltd. and are sold exclusively here an Edition and some are manufactured by independent design manufacturers and are stocked here much like other retailers.

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Emerald, Amber, Azurite, Rubelite

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