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Unison app’ presented in Disegno


To commemorate Disegno’s fifth birthday, nine designers were invited to update the ritual of toasting for contemporary society. The result, published in Disegno magazine, was a series of new typologies of communal celebration that blend function, ritual, symbolism and social critique. This app’ is Sebastian Bergne’s response to the brief.

…Unison is a natural extension of sitting around a table and making a toast, which makes it enormously powerful. It’s not that toasting would die out otherwise, but by having an application in the digital realm, you give the act of toasting a relevance and bring it in line with contemporary culture. Maybe it will take on a different form entirely, one that isn’t about the drink. Maybe there’s a small physical action related to the act of drinking. It’s about marking a specific moment and getting everyone to do something simultaneously, no matter the timezone…

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This is an extract from Disegno #12, 2017.

Illustration by Liam Cobb.