Making everyday objects special

A Table

  • A Table exhibition by Sebastian Bergne

By day, a quiet exhibition of a long laid table, a table of beautiful objects poised for the start of a meal. By night, the exhibition comes alive as a bustling table of people sharing a meal.

Designing for the preparation, serving and consumption of food has become one of the hallmarks of designer Sebastian Bergne’s work. Whether it is cookware for Tefal, an Ice Cream machine for Heston Blumenthal or exquisite glassware for his own collection, the objects are best appreciated when used.

This notion is key to this unusual exhibition of work spanning 15 years. It is on the one hand an exhibition of beautiful objects that describe the passage of a very special meal, but on the other a series of dinners around the six meter long table that allow guests to use the exhibits in the way they were intended.

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