Making everyday objects special

Comfort Zones


The Pronto vacuum cleaner by Sebastian Bergne for Moulinex has been included in the exhibition Comfort Zones or ‘Zone de Confort’ at Galerie Poirel, Nancy in collaboration with the Cnap.

The exhibition suggests different ways to experience ‘comfort’, a concept that has become so omnipresent in design practice and theory that it has almost grown imperceptible. Where does this ‘state of convenience and well-being akin to pleasure to which all men naturally aspire’ come from? What forms does it take?

The majority of the objects displayed were designed to satisfy our minds and bodies. They reveal the nature of our domestic activities and concerns. While projecting a sense of familiarity, the exhibition invites visitors to reconsider the shapes and uses of the objects that make up the environment around us.

Comfort Zones places mass-manufactured products alongside works that upset the standard models. In doing so, the exhibition reflects two contemporary movements in design: the search for solutions and the formulation of critiques.

The exhibition presents one hundred works from the Fonds national d’art contemporain,which the Cnap expands, conserves and promotes in France and throughout the world.

The exhibition runs between the 21/11/2015 and 17/04/2016.

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