Making everyday objects special



Cru is an exhibition of new work by Sebastian Bergne; a prolific range of objects that explore the culture surrounding the consumption of wine. Bergne considers wine as culturally and socially important – he describes wine as social glue that brings people together.

The exhibition will display transport, storage and serving products; new ways of consuming wine; glasses and wine carafes that are incomplete without a wine cork. Bergne has also produced one-off t-shirts partially dipped in wine and even a game that creates sculptures built using corks. Although some items are ready for production and available to purchase, the exhibition will also show experimental and conceptual pieces.

Having recently returned from living in Bologna, Italy, this will be the first UK exhibition of new work by Sebastian Bergne in seven years.

Curated by Daniel Charney
Graphic design by Jeremy Hofmeister Mac Lynn
The Aram Gallery, London, Nov 2008 – Jan 2009
Conde Nast Traveller Innovation & Design Awards, 2009

Personal edition, 2008