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  • Candloop candle stick clip.
    Candloop candle stick clip.
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    Candloop candle stick clip.
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Candlestick clip

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Candloop is a simple and fun take on the traditional candelabra, a wine bottle candlestick. The bent stainless steel wire with aluminium holders clips into any wine bottle. You can even use more than one to make a festive multi arm version.

The product can easily be combined with a favourite wine or even beer bottle.

Candloop was originally maufactured by Wireworks UK in 1999 and has become one of Sebastian Bergne’s classic designs.

Sold singly without candles or wine bottle.

Manufactured by Details Produkte Gmbh.

All products sold through this website have been designed by Sebastian Bergne. Some are manufactured by Sebastian Bergne Ltd. and are sold exclusively here as an Edition and some are manufactured by independent design manufacturers and are stocked here much like other retailers.

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